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Opinion: New reporter in Squamish— Meet Indigo Lemay-Conway

From Australian newsrooms to Squamish mountains..
Indigo Lemay-Conway.

Hello Squamish, it has been a long time coming, but it is nice to finally be in your beautiful town.

For those looking at the unfamiliar byline, you might have realized that I am the newest reporter to join The Newisu team.

While change can be a bit intimidating—as is trusting your stories with someone new—I hope to reassure you that you are in safe hands with me.

I’ve worked as a journalist in Western Australia since 2021 and have had the privilege to cover a variety of different stories during this time. From heartbreaking tragedies, breaking news, courts and crime to governmental elections, every story has been a learning experience that has moulded me into the reporter I am today; one who is willing to listen to anyone with a story to share.

Despite being an Aussie and growing up across the seas, I am actually a dual citizen of Canada, with my mother's side of the family all hailing from Quebec.

This might lead to the assumption that I can speak French, to which I would say I can communicate at a basic level but mostly look like a deer in headlights trying to find the words buried in the back of my English mind.

I arrived in Canada in August of last year and spent seven months in Quebec amongst family and friends, but the plan was always to find our way to the West Coast.

During our winter season in Mont-Tremblant—where I found a new love of snowboarding—my partner and I bought and renovated a van that has, for the past nine weeks, taken us across the U.S. to Squamish.

This was where I got my first taste of mountains—the kind where you start to realize just how small you really are when looking up at them from inside a valley.

From Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Tetons to Glacier National Park in Montana, I’ve found myself falling more and more in love with mountains and all the wildlife North America has to offer.

Upon driving into Squamish, I was immediately taken by its beauty—and, of course, the Stawamus Chief, which I have already added to the top of my list of hikes to do.

Moving forward, I hope you will all feel comfortable reaching out to me with any stories you think the community should know about and, in lieu of that, any recommendations on must-see things around Squamish that I should check out on my days off.

Reach me at [email protected].